A Week In The Life


OnMyBubble.com was launched as a social network for online retailers, marketers, professionals, business entrepreneurs, social net-workers, educators, influencers and more.

It is our hope that we can attract online marketers and entrepreneurs who could benefit from a platform that allows them to access an Omni-Channel to market service.

From online digital downloads via paypal store integration, arcade games and third party advertising revenue streams marketers have a truly broad and social platform to promote their presence online and build revenue streams.

Many of the opportunities made available to home or mobile based workers are disingenuous, some might say even scammy propositions typically involving pyramid or multilevel marketing, almost all of those business operations have been discredited by the professional community as stealing from the poor to enrich the rich, as they typically require some poor person to outlay large sums of money to “Invest” in stock to resell. The only trouble is most of the time additional incentives are paid for recruiting new members into a down-line. Where the legality line is crossed is when retail sales are less than recruitment incentives, this creates a pyramid effect which results in no real consumption or just self consumption.

OnMyBubble, is real and growing. We provide all the back office infrastructure, and leave marketers to do what they do best, be sociable and spread the word. In doing so they can achieve realistic incomes in the form of a net back rate up to 30% on digital product sales.

There are no upfront investment costs, no cost of carry or multiple level marketing requirements, just a fair cut of any revenue their genuine hard work generates. If there are no sales made we can’t and won’t promise marketers that they will get rich. But we can grease the path that gets them there if they wish to avail of the services we offer.

Games and software sold on the site can be promoted by marketers who are often already active on social network sites. To sell OMB products requires little more than reaching out to their fanbase on their favourite social media platforms like google plus and facebook.

Members of OnMyBubble.com get a FREE Online Store and by driving traffic to their store pages they can generate income from store sales. We also offer the option for members to upload their own product list if they wish.

OnMyBubble.com FREE Shopping Cart software 

The OMB store currently integrates with PayPal and we are developing an adaptive payments system for splitting revenues between developers and marketers, with OMB taking a percentage. 

Selling digital products, is a sort of digital drop shipping if you like. It provides a distinct advantage over traditional drop-shipping the type so advocated in the 4 hour work week book by Tim Ferriss because it means sellers incur none of the usual merchant costs of investing in stock or product holding costs, it also eliminates the drop-shipper middleman, who typically eats most of the merchants profit, if not all. It also removes the minimum investment thresholds that physical goods merchants typically have to surmount. 


Merchants can set their own prices as they see fit, there are no rules were making it up as we go along so time will tell if and what actually works best.

This image is a typical promotion image for one of the digital games OMB users can access. It is an full Sudoko game suite running on the HTML5 canvas technology. Essentially the cost of game and other software development is offset by members driving traffic to OMB to consume those products. 

OMB is a fully dynamic social network platform. Members who join with friends and family can quickly build up linked networks and communicate with public, private or group messages and even create photograph galleries.

Eric Bigham FCCA is the founder and CEO at OnMyBubble.com

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