#BREXIT Backdoor Bureaucrats

Well, despite all of the hullabaloo around the Post BREXIT decision, it really must be said, that we do indeed live in interesting times. Britain is currently going through an historic transformation, yet from where I’m standing, I’m not sure I know what to make of it all!

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Between the two main parties most of the candidates are hitherto unknowns. At least to the general populous. Well meaning and serious grafters, no doubt, yet what I can see, is a Britain being pulled from pillar to post, trampled on in fact, following its BREXIT decision.

For sure Boris is quirky, brash, and is portrayed by the media as a clumsy Wimbledon Womble. But he does seem to wear his heart on his sleeve, and I ask are these not the qualities of honesty, integrity and probity? His hair is real, and so too I believe are his politics.

Ruffled but Real

theresa may
His peers berate his Eton heritage and purport to empathise with council estate plight. Yet I don’t recall ever meeting a hungry ministers daughter on the council estate where I grew up. Boris, as I understand, was a scholarship student, he got in based on his merits, and rose to position on the very same merit.Global Economy DASHBOARD – Snapshot of the Global Economy

Are these not the qualities we want in peoples politics, or are we content to allow Britain to fall back to a bygone era of 1980s style pandemonium and fear? In observing the current conservative leadership, I must confess to being rather concerned. In July we saw the Home Secretary Theresa May put forward her bid for the leadership position, and I must say, how eloquent and well prepared it was.

But is it not true that the skills Therethe womble orinocosa May is proffering, those of the dutiful and shy
Vicars daughter, formidable intellect, tenacious, and capable, detail oriented and practical are mere shadows of an other former iron lady?
Has the party confused task with talent? The choice of Mrs May as leader will be a test for the conservatives. Will it polarise Britain or shine a light on the true values we all espouse? Will Boris follow the fated path of Heseltine or Portillo? Economic confidence dipped

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